As more homeowners seek out sustainable, renewable and minimal-impact renovation materials, it’s important to understand the options available to you. With so many choices on the market for interior and exterior renovations, determining the overall environmental impact can be difficult, especially when eco-friendly claims are made solely based on product longevity. While longevity is a key factor – not having to replace a material does make it a better option – it is not the only factor to consider when deciding if a product is the right eco-friendly option for you.

Manufactured Stone Veneer’s Smaller Footprint

Natural stone facades require thousands of pounds of quarried stone per installation, requiring extensive mining operations. While many quarries strive to reduce their overall environmental impact, there is no getting around the sheer quantity of stone needed for an all-stone exterior. It also uses vast resources to transport due to its overall weight.

Manufactured stone veneer has the beauty of natural stone without the environmental drawbacks of natural stone. Resource materials are a fraction of what is required for stone veneer quarrying, and installation is straightforward with far less waste than natural stone. The lightweight nature of manufactured stone means the environmental cost of shipping is significantly reduced.

Will Manufactured Stone Veneer Last?

Yes! Manufactured stone’s blend of resins, pigments and textures not only accurately mimics the look of natural stone but can also help it resist harsh weather conditions. Natural rock is highly porous and requires mortar that is prone to degrading. While manufactured stone can be installed with mortar applications, many types can be dry-stacked and require no mortar, again consuming fewer resources than traditional stone.

High-quality manufactured stone from TriLite Stone will also have pigments blended throughout the veneer, so if a stone should chip, there will be no loss of color to highlight the damage. This is a significant improvement to less expensive veneers that show a white or gray core if nicked. It’s also easier to repair than natural stone because there is no need to source or quarry new rock, wasting further resources.

TriLite Stone is dedicated to the highest-quality manufacturing processes and integrates pigment throughout the entire stone. Contact us today for a beautiful, long-lasting indoor or outdoor stone veneer renovation.