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Mountain Ledgestone - Buckskin

Mountain Ledgestone - Carmel

Weather Ledge - Adobe

Minnesota Limestone - Buckskin

QuikStak - Chestnut

Stackstone - Mist

Hackett - Custom Color

The TriLite Difference

Integrated Color Throughout the Stone

TriLite Stone is unique as a manufactured stone, as the dye is integrated throughout the stone.  Unlike most manufacturers who simply dye the surface of the stone, TriLite takes an extra step in the manufacturing process, coloring the stone all the way through.  We utilize a minimum of seven different base colors ensuring color consistency with the base and face of the stone.

What does this mean for you?

Homeowner/Building Owner

For the homeowner or building owner, it means if the stone is ever chipped or scratched it is not white underneath and will maintain its original beauty for years to come.  TriLite stands by the quality of our stone with a 50 Year Warranty.


For the mason, it can mean a faster, easier installation, as there is no need to go back and color any end pieces that need to be cut or broken for fit.  TriLite also receives praise for our striking of the stone on the back, improving the hold during installation.


For the architect and builder, it means your work will look as beautiful as the day the project was completed, TriLite Stone is the next best thing to natural stone, but at a cost that fits most budgets.


50 Year Warranty – our commitment to our quality.  Our manufacturing process providing full color integration provides a superior stone veneer product that will return the value of your investment.

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TriLite Stone offers 13 different styles of stone, plus brick and a wide variety of accessories.   With a myriad of base color choices and surface color options, you are sure to find the perfect look for your home or business.


TriLite Stone also provides customization for select projects.  If you are expanding your home or business and want to match existing natural or manufactured stone, we provide a color customization service to ensure the look of the expansion or renovation matches the original stone color.

Mountain Ledgestone


The most rugged stone in the TriLite Stone line, Mountain Ledgestone has the influence of the Rockies, Cascades and Appalachian Mountains.


The Limestone selections contain larger stone sizes than the Ledgestones and more variations in shape.


To capture the elegant and distinctive look of stone from previous eras, TriLite’s Hackett selection offers a wonderful mix of sizes and colors. Designers and installers alike find this product a pleasure to utilize.


Splitface is a rough textured stone offering a wide color mix. It can stand alone or be combined with River Rock creating a noticeable contrast of smooth and rugged surfaces as well as a variation in relief.

It’s Easy!

For those DIY homeowners who want the satisfaction and creative challenge of installing your own stone, TriLite offers installation videos and an Installation Manual to help you through that process.