Using Stone Veneer in Minneapolis

Using Stone Veneer in Minneapolis 

The exterior of your home or business gives you a way to show off your personality and style! There are many different material options you can choose from when deciding what you want your home’s exterior to look like. From vinyl siding to stone veneer, our products can be the new trending style or a timeless classic. In our opinion, if you are looking for a classic look with a modern touch, you cannot go wrong with the versatility and beauty of stone veneer. 

We have extensive experience installing stone veneer in commercial properties and homes around the Twin Cities. Our team is dedicated to always improving our products and processes to make sure you are consistently getting the best service possible. We offer a variety of artificial stones designed to help achieve your desired look.

Advantages of Stone Veneer 

One of the most important advantages of stone veneer is that it is very versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors. Manufactured stone is very durable and resembles natural stone. Stone veneer might not be natural stone, but it will still add the same beauty as the real thing. 

Benefits of using stone veneer for your Minneapolis location: 

  • A stone veneer wall can complement nearly every type of surface, from brick to wood.
  • The material is less heavy than natural stone, which can make it easier to transport and install. This will lower the shipping and installation costs. 
  • Stone veneer is very flexible and can attach to a wide variety of surfaces. 
  • It comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and it can be customized to match your desired style. 
  • Weather does not affect the veneer! Sun will not fade the color and snow/ice will not damage your stone wall. 
Stone Veneer from Trilite Stone 

If you are looking to enhance the interior or exterior of your home or business, stone veneers are the perfect addition. Stone veneers come in a wide variety of styles, are cost-effective compared to natural stone, and can revitalize a space. Trust Trilite Stone to expertly install stone veneer in the Minneapolis area to your home or business. Contact us today to learn more at 320-543-2254.