How do I select which stone is right for me?

You have decided that TriLite Stone, Inc, because of it’s integrated coloring and durable beauty is the brand of stone for you.  TriLite Stone, Inc is available in multiple profiles and colors/color combinations.   The next step is to determine which stone profile and color best fits your design application. We recommend you first start by selecting the stone profile you prefer, i.e. the rugged, more intricate look of a Mountain Ledgestone or a more traditional, larger and smoother stone such as a Limestone. Once you select the stone type that is right for your project, the next step is to select the color you prefer, such as more monochromatic selection like a Charcoal, or a selection including a variety of colors, such as our BucksCounty.  TriLite Stone, Inc offers most profiles in multiple colors and color combinations.


NEW! Quarry Blend Blue Ridge


Stone Color TriLite Stone, Inc utilizes at minimum of 7 different base colors to create the colors available in all of our selections.  Most all color selections are available in most stone profiles.

Adobe: Taupe, tans and brown
Bucks County: Multi-color blend including taupe, crème, purple, red and buff/gold
Buckskin: Tan, reds and greys
Buff: Light tan, golden hue
Carmel: Taupe/khaki foundation with gray, brown, and tan accents.
Caspian: Tans, buff with some reds and green
Charcoal: Charcoal Grey
Chardonnay: Greys, tan and some reds, along with gold accent
Chestnut: Buff foundation with variations of gray and brown accents
Colonial: Whites, light tan
Country: Whites, light taupe, some buff
Glacier: Whites, light grey
Mesa: Browns, with some grey and golden highlights
Mist: Crème base and a soft red, almost pink tone
Mountain Moss: Tans, grey, buff and some highlights of moss green
Northern Creme: Taupe and Creme, some light greys and brown
Northern: Light taupe, brown
Nottingham: Dark brown, clay hue
Ohio: Light grey, light buff
Onyx: Charcoal grey with some white and orange/rust highlights
Quartz: Grey with brown and some purple
Red Mountain: Reds, greys and some buff
Rustic: Primarily Carmel blended with some light buffs
Sante Fe: Rusts, brown and buff
Sedona: Buff with grey and some pink highlights
Shale: Tans and grey
Sienna: Strong earth tones comprised of brown, taupe, buff and creme
Sierra Ridge: Combination of grey, buff and rust.
Silverado: White and grey with tan highlights
Smokey Grey: Variations of Light and Dark grey
Suede: Browns, greys some buff
Texas Creme: White with some gold and light brown highlights
Western: Greys, light tan, some red
Willow: White, charcoal with some buff
Wisconsin: Buff, tans with some light grey

Email our customer service if you do not find the combination you would like to see.