The ageless look of stone has long been considered one of the most visually impactful claddings that any building, whether it be residential, commercial, institutional or historical, can offer. Investment in stone offers the highest return on cost of any exterior cladding according to the National Association of Home Builders. Project costs can run the gamut but can be managed if selected areas are covered. Homeowners are generally surprised at the affordability of stone relative to its long-lasting performance, the added value it brings at a time of sale, and the enduring beauty it offers to the homeowners themselves. The look of stone, natural or faux stone veneer, is an excellent complement to other siding products, yet the additional curb appeal makes it a smart choice. 

There’s nothing that says you must replace or reface all your home’s siding with stone. Many combine siding styles to create a look of strength without adding as much weight and expense. Many homeowners use stone with cedar shakes to create a fabulous traditional look. This look is particularly grand on an old Victorian home. 

Earthy & Elegant Additions 

Maybe you want to add a look of strength to the front of your home, with faux rock columns. Your home will likely sell more quickly when you add the elegance of stone or stone veneer halfway up the wall. You might choose to use stone only on the front as a wainscot, or expand the curb appeal with a stone treatment on a garage or home entrance. Design elements are vast and manufactured stone’s versatility with color, style, textures and blends, will help create whatever look you may seek. 

Faux stone veneers are the product of natural, real stone. Molds are made from the natural materials and used both as individual pieces or in a panel.  You gain the authentic look but with the benefit of less weight. It is nearly impossible for the untrained eye to tell the difference.

The financial benefit for you, the homeowner, means you can achieve the long-lasting look of stone but with less expense than natural stone because of material savings and speed of installation. 

An Interior Wall or Fireplace…Other Applications 

There is nothing quite as naturally beautiful as a stone wall flanking a fireplace. Interior projects with stone usually run higher in cost because of the added time to measure and cut, preparing the space to control dust and the intricacies of stone placement to maximize a classic look. Other considerations for costs can be selecting a mantle high re-facing vs. ceiling-high; or vaulted ceiling vs a smaller wall; return walls to capture the full scope of a stone wall, many considerations. It will typically depend on the square footage, figure $30 to $50 per square foot for stone veneer, but it will depend on which you choose. 

Still, next to the stone itself, the most substantial price is the professional installation. Adding stone is a challenging DIY project, unless you have the experience. Even then, you should have an engineer figure out how much weight you will add and what additional framing is necessary to prevent damage to your foundation walls.           

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