There are only so many times you can repaint the front of your home hoping it will make a dramatic impact. The fact of the matter is a drab and outdated exterior design cannot be brought back to life without a new approach. 

When you look at your home, what do you see? Maybe it’s a country manor, or a ranch house. Perhaps you imagine yourself living in a rustic hideaway built from a striking mix of stone and timber structures. Whatever your vision for your home, you can make it happen with a stone veneer blend. 

Stone Blend

Stone blend veneers come in several collections designed to look just like the architectural styles of the past. With stone veneers in contrasting shapes and colors, you can create your very own effect. It will completely transform the exterior your home. 

As far as DIY projects go, painting is redecorating while stone veneer treatments is home remodeling without any of the hassles that come with a major renovation. Family, friends and neighbors literally will not recognize the resulting structure as the same home. 

Novice DIY Application

The best thing about the blend collection from TriLite Stone Company is you don’t need to have significant DIY experience. Attaching the stone veneers to your existing exterior walls is relatively straightforward. 

We provide an installation booklet you can download directly from our website. For homeowners who are more inclined toward visual learning, we also have a number of installation videos to show you the process in action. 

All our stone veneer products are created using full integration during the coloration process. We take the extra step, because a surface application simply does not result in the same high-quality product our company provides. 

Why not take a minute to browse our gallery to get an idea of some of the designs and colors available from TriLite Stone Company? If you would like to learn more about our products and application, feel free to call our offices at 320-543-2254 today.