Many small businesses have experienced setbacks recently as more people have chosen to shop online. However, with things showing signs of improvement, now is the time to increase your appeal and visibility to a re-emerging market by updating the look of your business premises.

Stone veneer product from TriLite installed on local nonprofit building to enhance exterior.

TriLite Stone Company offers a wide range of aesthetic options to reflect the character of your business. Choose from the warm, rustic look of Split Rock Lake Country, the clean, professional lines of Hackett Nottingham, or the family-friendly appeal of Fieldstone Western. Should none of these fit your company’s image, there are many options available to meet your vision. We also supply a wide range of interior or exterior augmentation accessories, so your business will truly stand out from the competition as unique.

Easy Installation

Stone veneer from TriLite installed to enhance business exterior in MNUpdating your business’ image with TriLite Stone Company could not be easier or more cost-effective. There is no need to take time out of your busy schedule to arrange appointments with contractors and no need to pay costly installation fees. The entire installation process is so straightforward that you can complete it yourself. TriLite provides comprehensive and easy-to-use installation instructions, and we also have step-by-step videos to guide you through every stage of the process.

Not only are our products easy to install, but they also provide long-lasting value and return on your investment. Other stone veneer manufacturers apply color to the outside of the material only, meaning that any marks from normal wear and tear will become immediately apparent. With TriLite Stone Company, our stone veneers are completely dyed, so any chips will not be noticeable and appear to be a natural part of the finish. This process extends the lifespan of your stone veneer exponentially and adds to its cost-effectiveness.

If TriLite Stone Company sounds like your solution to updating your business premises, do not hesitate to contact our Minnesota offices today.