No home highlight is more eye-catching than classic stone. Stone used for siding, chimneys and even interior accent walls gives your home a look that says solid craftsmanship. 

When you consider the cost of natural stone, the price tag might limit the extent of your project. When you look at the differences between natural stone and veneer stone, the most significant disparity is financial.  Both are excellent choices for traditional style and classic good looks. However, is it probably not wise to use stone veneer for pools and whirlpools, where harsh chemicals, like chlorine, might be used.

Natural quarried stone is much heavier than veneer and often requires additional framing and substrates that add expense to your project. Some homeowners would rather have natural stone. But is the tradeoff worth it?

Benefits of Veneer Stone Over Natural Stone

The advantage of veneer over natural stone, as stated above, is, most importantly, budget. Therefore, when you have a substantial project that you want to use stone for, most will opt for veneer. Besides price, there are other reasons to choose veneer. 

First, there are not as many structural substrate requirements. Fewer materials mean cost reductions. Second, veneers are less labor-intensive. Faster installs mean further savings. Third, veneers will not require sealants that could change the color and tone of your stone. Finally, manufactured veneers come in a wider variety of patterns, tones and colors. This means you can probably get what you want locally and not have to wait to have it hauled to your location. 

TriLite Veneer Stone vs Others 

Since stone veneer is less expensive and quicker to install, your next decision would be why choose TriLite over another veneer? The answer is simple: TriLite’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail. 

These may sound like clichés, but TriLite uses a coloration process that allows the dye to permeate the entire stone. This saves the homeowner money on future repairs, and the mason will not have to patch and match colors after cuts. What’s more, this coloration process uses dye as opposed to paint, which some other manufacturers use. The dye maintains its color much longer, even in extreme sunlight and harsh weather.      

We Are a Local Company That Is Nearly Nationwide

TriLite veneer stones are available in many locations across 47 states and the District of Columbia. Give us a call, 320-543-2254, or send us a contact form with a few details for a no-obligation quote today.