Do you have hardscape features that have dulled over the years from exposure to the elements? The thought of replacing these features may be too much for your budget. However, that is not the only option. Rejuvenating your landscape has a more affordable solution with a stone veneer. When you look around your yard, how many static stone features do you see? From retaining walls to outdoor kitchens, every feature with exterior walls can benefit from improvements. Replacing expensive hardscapes can put a serious dent in your bank balance. That is why TriLite Stone products are the ideal alternative.

Ease of Installation

TriLite Stone veneers are so easy to install that you don’t need any prior construction knowledge. Our team has put together a series of videos and installation instructions to help you complete the process. Even if you are not confident enough to take on this DIY task, we can provide installation services within 75 miles of our facility in Howard Lake, Minnesota.

Cost-Effective Stone Alternative

One of the cost implications of replacing hardscapes is the price of new features made from materials such as stone. Our products are stone veneers that can be attached to existing structures. This is a cheaper alternative for an installation that is durable while looking and feeling like the real thing.

Stone Veneer Choices

Stone veneers come in a large selection of colors, designs and styles. At TriLite Stone, our mission is focused on providing customers with alternatives to natural stone that match traditional and modern construction innovations. We are committed to helping our customers achieve home improvement goals on a budget.

If you would like to learn more about stone veneers, call our offices today. We are passionate about supporting customers from inquiry to installation.