Sometimes a living room needs a touch of class to break-up and otherwise dull space. Feature walls are one of the most popular choices for making a dramatic change in style. Stone veneer is affordable and easy to install, making it the ideal solution for homeowners with a vision. 

You can create any style of décor with stone veneer as a feature wall. With an almost unlimited choice in color and design, TriLite Stone Company products will allow you to reinvent your living room. We manufacture stone veneers that come ready to install with easy to follow instructions.

Feature Wall DIY

Installing a stone veneer as a feature wall is typically a DIY project. TriLite Stone Company provides videos and manuals to help homeowners with the installation. Even if you are not confident enough in your skills, a contractor will likely charge considerably less because the job is not as labor-intensive as installing real stone. 

Our stone veneers use a screw-on panel, so you will not need masonry experience. Installation is quick and clean, meaning you can transform a room with minimal hassle. For homeowners who like to change things up regularly, stone veneers are easily removed or replaced. 

The feature wall often dictates the style of a room. From comfort to calming, every preference is achievable with products from TriLite Stone Company. For inspiration, please check out our gallery for examples of how stone veneers have been used to enhance various features. 

Today is your chance to create the living room of your dreams. Contact the TriLite Stone Company if you are interested in any of our products and would like to learn more. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best experience with stone veneers for enhancing homes or business premises.