You all may recall that mantra being used in some past elections, and all of us in building products can relate all too well. While the economy is showing some signs of more than a pulse, the construction industry is still in the doldrums. Yet, as evidenced by the attached link to a recent ABC News report, some of the jobs/construction fix may not be that far off to “nail” down. How can that be? Well for starters, all too many products available come from other countries and take away from USA based manufacturers. Even a 5% greater use of USA based companies can achieve an increase of 250,000 more jobs. What about 10%, or more? The numbers start to grow, and as we know from consumer economics 101, as jobs grow, spending grows, and so on.

So, all we can do is ask, right? We’re asking every contractor, remodeler, subcontractor, distributor and architect, to think USA first. In the vast majority of cases the costs will be comparable if not less expensive, and the end-result will be a huge multiple of that investment. Check out the link and make your own conclusions, but we’re convinced you all will come to the same place.


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