Time keeps passing so quickly. I think it has something to do with always looking forward. In our world of construction here in 2011, it is proving to be a much better year for us at TriLite Stone, and we certainly hope it is proving true for all of you as well.

We’re also in the midst of The Great Minnesota Get Together, our globally renowned State Fair. The activity and interest at our booth has never been greater. It seems to suggest a few things:

  • People’s interest in home improvement remains very high and stone continues to play a key role in that thinking
  • TriLite’s association with Applebee’s and a major push to re-fresh the area stores in Minnesota/Wisconsin has caught a lot of attention
  • The introduction of several new colors is also catching the eye of consumers and contractors

The pace and activity has been great, and long in coming. Our take is that more and better things are happening that are not getting the attention of the press, and that is unfortunate. But, like we said, we keep looking forward.

Check out the special blend we’ve applied to the Applebee’s project (still working on a name, so any ideas………send them out!). And, a couple of new color ideas that we’re introducing too.

We’re in the process of re-freshing our website too, so check it out when you have some time.



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