I just wanted to let you know that we absolutly love our fireplace! I was just not sure what to expect and I think that it could not have turned out better. I also was very impressed with Steve’s  professionalism and attention to detail while installing the stone, mantel and hearth. He put in a very long day on Wednesday and i appricate that it was completely done when he left. It made it so exciting to decorate for the holidays. In addition our christmas photo will definatly be infront of the fireplace this year! I posted a photo on facebook and used the companies name and how happy we are. If you want me to post a review someone online just let me know!

 Also, Steve needs a promotion…he said that he spends most of his days in the office but he needs to be training all of you employees so they can live up to his ability ! If your other installers are as good as him your business will continue to be sucessfull even in these drowning economy.


Thanks again,



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